Following the success of the first edition (May 20th - June 11th 2002) which counted 10.385 trade visitors of operators from all over the world, Light Convention will open its doors again to present a new and interesting virtual event dedicated to the lighting world. The second edition of Light Convention, besides being a virtual meeting point between the companies and the operators of the sector invited to visit the event, has a further function: being a guide to the trade fairs of the year 2003, letting the operators to create their own "trip route" to the next fairs The easy three-dimensional navigation will start from the entrance of the virtual "Conventions Centre" and will go on among the halls, subdivided according to the products displayed, along the passages, where each company will have its own space. Each space will have an external board with company name, the information about the company and an "exhibiting area" showing images of the company's products.